As one of the first internationally specialised consulting firm in the world, The Bridge To Luxury assists companies that are active in markets for high-end products and services.

Luxury fascinates. In the limelight of public attention, on the advertising pages of high-gloss magazines or during product presentations in mono-brand boutiques, the management of brands from the world of luxury, premium and prestige may appear rather simple. Yet it is actually one of the most difficult businesses imaginable since the underlying conditions with demanding customers, temptations of product dilution, extremely differentiated markets, the high costs of communication, an ambivalent internet, interference through grey markets, volatile currencies and irritating plagiarism are very complex. And above all: How do we square the circle between addressing the identity of the customer (key word status) while communicating the quality of our proposal and determining the right price?

Meeting these challenges requires a strategic positioning, discipline in designing the offering, a precise definition of the target group, an integrated marketing mix, adequate structures and processes, budgeting and controlling tools, opportunities for financing growth and the courage to go international.

TBTL bridges the gap between the answers to these and other strategic as well as operative management challenges for existing and potential luxury brands.

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Brands are at the heart of the success of numerous companies from the world of high-end products and services. On the strategic and operative level, TBTL supports companies in many ways in a structured and analytical process. The starting points are the client’s problems. Internal workshops, international market research and desk research help in a preliminary phase to identify and evaluate these issues.

Solutions worked out jointly to strengthen the present and new positioning of the company leading to integrated business models: From the vision to concepts and their implementation including the assessment of the resulting success. The association with luxury, premium, prestige and prosumer brands must be clearly identifiable for the customer.

This is why TBTL has developed the Brand-Summit-Matrix that helps brands to position themselves strategically. Additionally, the brand personality needs to be translated into an attractive and lasting emotional story for the target group. On this basis TBTL is able to develop suitable and creative solutions for the marketing-mix with its client corresponding with the demands of high-end bands. If necessary, TBTL will accompany the client up to the successful implementation of the planned measures and provide him with a professional network of partners, whether for assistance in market research, classical advertising, product development, recruitment, event management, etc.

In some cases future success may even require the development and organisation of suitable cultures, procedures and structures.

As a partner in the overall success of its clients, TBTL is concerned not only with giving advise to develop integrative strategies, but also with the underlying solid business plans. Here the commercial goals and opportunities of a luxury brand must be clearly stated and accounted for. In recent years TBTL has also increasingly assisted its clients in their search for financing.

A special feature of the consulting approach of TBTL is its step-by-step procedure which enables a client to continually review the quality of the consulting process. With its consultancy services, TBTL is pursuing a success-oriented approach that enables its clients to control the intensity of the advice given over specified periods of time.



  • Representative quantitative or qualitative retailer, customer or media surveys
  • Target group analyses
  • Analyses of advertising media
  • Internet-Screening
  • Internal workshops

Brand positioning

  • Establishing the basic strategic direction of a top-end brand: Luxury, Prestige, Premium, Prosumer
  • Target group definition
  • Market-price-product definition
  • Development of a concrete brand story (brand personality)

Marketing mix

  • Product and service development
  • ATL and BLT corporate communication
  • Sales and distribution strategy
  • Identification of retailing partners, internationalisation
  • Pricing, margins and currency management


Organisation: structures & procedures

  • Change management
  • Organisation and personnel identification
  • Development of budget, controlling and audit instruments
  • Arranging of competitions and pitches

Funding & profitability

  • Assessment and preparation of business plans and efficiency programmes
  • Identification of potential investors for external capital and / or equity


Frank Müller established The Bridge To Luxury in 2009. Since then he has supported a large number of companies from the world of luxury in their success. In the position of CEO and managing director Frank has formerly accompanied renowned and high quality brands such as A. Lange & Söhne and Glashütte Original for many years. He was also a member of the extended group management board of the Swatch Group AG in Switzerland.

Before that he advised international companies in strategically directing and implementing measures in their communication policies focusing on corporate publishing. Frank studied business administration at the University of Mannheim and the ESCP Europe, and earned his PhD from the University of St. Gallen. He created the German initiative “Handmade in Germany”, and he is the author of books and articles on a variety of business-related topics including the management of luxury brands.

The Bridge To Luxury works together with a wide network of experienced partners. On demand and on a specific case basis it provides clients with professional advice to specific questions. With the help of pitches and competitions the ideal partner is selected for assignments relating to everything from product design, communication, market research and distribution as well as numerous other areas.


TBTL’s consultants often are invited as speakers to dwell on luxury related topics. They appear at brand events, conferences or educational programs of international top business schools and universities.


In the last years The Bridge To Luxury has been involved in numerous projects in various industries and product categories, including:



The Bridge To Luxury respects confidentiality in its customer relations which is why we do not disclose any client names. However, we can inform you anonymously of the content of specific projects and their solutions.

Foundation, Hong Kong: Development of a global generic communication concept for diamonds

OEM and trading, Israel: market development

Lightening industry, innovative start-up of a premium brand, Germany: Search for investor & distribution partners

Bath luxury interior fittings, Germany: Market and brand analysis

Interior fittings yachts & villas, Germany:
Concept for business expansion

Audio prosuming brand, Germany: Strategic communication concept for a high-end product novelty

Luxury market, Germany: Definition of a concept for a luxury fair

City marketing, Germany: long-term positioning & marketing concept

Market research: the German luxury market

Constantly: training seminars in management of luxury and prestige brands

Switzerland: Support acquisition process on buyer’s side

Start-up, global: Concept and launch of new prestige watch brand

Germany: Repositioning of online brand & concepts multi-channel distribution

Switzerland/Germany: Repositioning & business plan of prestige brand

Switzerland/China: Repositioning & business plan for prestige brand

Switzerland/China: Brand acquisition

Switzerland/USA: Search for investors, repositioning, definition business plan

Germany: Repositioning & international press launch

Start-up, Russia: Concept for new watch brand

Germany: Internationalisation of distribution

Switzerland/Denmark: Search for investor & definition business model

Multi-prestige brand, Germany: Concept for business extension

Start-up: Concept mechanical smart watch

Start-up, United Kingdom: Internationalisation

Luxury jewellery, USA: Brand development and identification of investors

Luxury jewellery, Germany: Repositioning, product design & definition of a business plan

Start-up, Israel: Positioning new global brand

Premium jewellery brand, Germany: Funding

Luxury, multi-category, Germany: Repositioning & restructuring concepts

Gourmet restaurant, Germany: Positioning

Definition of business plan for German trading company of vintage cars

Constantly: Global trading of vintage cars

Start-up, Switzerland: Positioning & business plan for high-end lady bags

Start-up, Germany: Identification investors for a premium leather goods’ brand

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